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Tell Senator Orrin Hatch and the Senate Finance Committee: No Tax Cuts for the Rich!

If Trump and Republicans in Congress get their way, they will give massive tax cuts to the rich and continue to rig the system against hard-working Americans.

The good news? Senator Hatch and the Senate Finance Committee want YOUR input on tax reform. We have until July 17 to submit feedback, which gives YOU the perfect opportunity to make your voice heard loud and clear.

The current federal tax system is fundamentally unjust and broken.

For decades, wealth and income have grown more and more concentrated in fewer and fewer hands. Those with the most do NOT need another tax cut. We reject efforts to further skew the economy and the tax code away from the vast majority of working people. That includes the recent attempts to rip away health care for millions of Americans so that the richest households and largest corporations can receive huge tax breaks.

Your voice has the power to influence the Senate Finance Committee! Thank you for taking action.

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