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‘Lawmakers Have a Clear Choice’ On Build Back Better Plan

AUGUST 24, 2021

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‘Lawmakers Have a Clear Choice’ On Build Back Better Plan

WASHINGTON, DC — This afternoon, the House approved the $3.5 trillion budget resolution previously passed by the Senate. The vote enables Congress to write and consider a major economic package meant to rebalance the economy in favor of working people by raising taxes on corporations and the rich, and investing in American families.

As lawmakers iron out details of the package in the coming weeks, they have a clear choice between standing up for everyday Americans, or caving to big corporations and the rich who still refuse to pay their fair share.

Tax March Executive Director Maura Quint commented:

“We are glad to see the House take a solid step by approving this resolution. After today’s vote, lawmakers have a clear choice: stand with American families, or stand with billionaires and big corporations who have rigged the system in their own favor for so long. This budget is our chance to tax the rich and begin rebalancing the economy in favor of everyday Americans.

“Sadly, most Republicans have already made their choice. They want to cement Trump’s legacy, blocking investments in everyday people and letting billionaires and big corporations get a free ride on our backs. But Democrats now have a chance to deliver for the American people: tax the rich, stand firm on the full $3.5 trillion included in the budget plan, and rebalance our economy to allow working people the opportunity to thrive.”


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