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American Families Plan Will Bring Momentous Change to Nation’s Economy and Caregivers

April 28, 2021

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American Families Plan Will Bring Momentous Change to Nation’s Economy and Caregivers

WASHINGTON, D.C. Today, President Biden released the American Families Plan, outlining massive investments in working families funded by taxing the rich. Totaling nearly $2 trillion, the plan allocates funding for paid family and medical leave, universal pre-k, tuition-free community college, and more. This builds on Biden’s previously-announced American Jobs Plan, which also makes historic investments in American workers and families by rebuilding the nation’s infrastructure, including measures to expand access to care for children, the elderly and people with disabilities through higher taxes on corporations.

Tax March Executive Director Maura Quint gave the following statement:

“The American Families Plan includes critical investments in families that will boost the economy from the ground up and make our families more secure. By closing the capital gains tax loophole and treating wealth like work, the Biden-Harris administration is delivering a win-win for the American public—this is not only good policy but is also incredibly popular. The administration continues to make it clear that economic justice is a core priority. Americans have been calling for the rich to pay their fair share for years—we are heartened to see lawmakers and leaders finally listening. 

“By making historic investments in the American people and making the wealthy pay their fair share, the American Families Plan is a major step in our ongoing fight to end income inequality, close the racial and gender wealth gaps, and create a people-first economy.”

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