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As the Right Wing Attacks Build Back Better, Congress Has a Clear Choice: ‘Stand With Everyday Americans or the Corporate Elite’

September 23, 2021
As the Right Wing Attacks Build Back Better, Congress Has a Clear Choice: ‘Stand With Everyday Americans or the Corporate Elite’
WASHINGTON, DC — The Hill reported today that the Koch-backed group Americans for Prosperity has launched a multimillion dollar campaign to block the Build Back Better plan, currently being considered in Congress. This follows reports in the past two weeks that  former Trump aides will spend up to $10 million attacking the plan, that K St. lobbyists are counting on the Senate to dial back its ambitions, and that groups representing big pharma, big banks, big tech, and big oil are lining up against the plan.
Tax March recently launched actions across the country demanding that Congress pass the Build Back Better agenda to make the rich pay their fair share, and lower costs for American families.
Tax March Board Member Maura Quint responded to to today’s report:
“Right wing groups and their corporate allies are mobilizing to protect their own bottom lines, at the expense of the rest of the country. This is exactly why now is the time to tax the rich and reduce costs for working families. These corporate lobbyists are making the choice before Congress clearer than ever: stand with everyday Americans by passing the Build Back Better package, or cave to billionaires and the corporate elite.
“Trump-affiliated extremists say they’re afraid the Reagan revolution will be reversed. It’s time it finally is — because after 40 years, the legacy of Reagan’s trickle-down economics is one of failure, sky-rocketing economic inequality and an obliterated middle class. American families are struggling to make ends meet while big corporations and the wealthy keep hoarding more to themselves, and don’t even pay their fair share of taxes.
“Congress owes it to everyday Americans to make the rich pay their fair share and lower the cost of necessary goods like prescription drugs and child care. We can easily afford this, all we need to do is reverse 40 years of bad economic policy, unrig the system and tax the rich.”

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