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Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal Is a Roadmap, but Much Work Remains Undone

JUNE 24, 2021
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Tax March: Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal Is a Roadmap, but Much Work Remains Undone
WASHINGTON, D.C. — Tax March responded today to President Joe Biden’s announcement of a bipartisan framework on infrastructure. The package makes multi-billion dollar investments in the most basic infrastructure and promises to shrink the tax gap, but it leaves untouched the rigged tax code that Republicans exacerbated with their $2 trillion giveaway to billionaires and giant corporations in the last administration. This initial deal, without further investments, neglects massive sections of our economy. Those improvements must be included in the Democrats’ reconciliation bill.
Tax March Executive Director Maura Quint commented:

“The biggest takeaway from today’s announcement is that we now know how much work remains undone. While it is encouraging that we have a roadmap for addressing our critical infrastructure needs, it is worth noting the hoops President Biden has had to jump through to avoid Republican obstruction. Democrats must finish the job through reconciliation. The president has rightfully insisted on a large reconciliation package and won’t let tax-dodging corporations, billionaires and deficit squawks drive the debate.

“Republicans have fought tooth and nail to preserve the massive tax cut they passed for their billionaire donors and corporations. The next reconciliation package must follow through on what Americans voted for last year: unrigging the tax code, and investing in American families, care infrastructure, and the clean energy jobs of the future.”


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