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Congressional Democrats Need to Stop Haggling and Pass a Robust Budget Reconciliation Package

October 20, 2021

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Congressional Democrats Need to Stop Haggling and Pass a Robust Budget Reconciliation Package

WASHINGTON, DC — Despite their majority rule and the overwhelming popularity of the package, a handful of Congressional Democrats are still haggling over what should and shouldn’t be included in the budget reconciliation bill, including whether or not the rich and big business should pay their fair share. The Wall Street Journal reported earlier today that Senator Kyrsten Sinema “has told lobbyists that she is opposed to any increase” in taxes on corporations, wealthy individuals, or capital gains. Yet these are some of the most popular provisions in the bill, even in battleground districts.

Tax March Board Member Maura Quint gave the following statement:

“It’s sad to see that K Street lobbyists apparently have more access to Senator Sinema than her own constituents. The tax fairness proposals in President Biden’s Build Back Better agenda are not only overwhelmingly popular, but ensure that key provisions, including the similarly-popular Child Tax Credit, will be paid for. It should be an easy decision for her to support them, but instead she seems to be listening to corporate America.

“While billionaires and big businesses pay next to nothing in taxes year after year, everyday Americans get the short end of the stick. Reversing the Trump tax cuts of 2017 should be a no brainer for every Democrat in Congress. But the insistence on appeasing Republicans and corporations is going to keep them from passing a robust budget reconciliation bill with broad support from voters.

“So-called moderate Democrats need to stop listening to their corporate donors and start listening to the people who actually matter—their constituents.”


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