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ICYMI: #ReliefNOW Campaign Pushes Lawmakers To ‘Go Big’ On COVID Relief

February 12, 2021
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ICYMI: #ReliefNOW Campaign Pushes Lawmakers To ‘Go Big’ On COVID Relief
WASHINGTON, D.C. — Tax March and its growing movement of activists and partners across the country mobilized their #ReliefNOW campaign to push Congress to deliver full, fast, and fair COVID relief—and it’s working.
Public opinion has squarely turned against austerity politics, and the proof is in the bold measures that make up the American Rescue Plan. #ReliefNOW and other efforts across the country have helped secure the inclusion of a $15 minimum wage, robust survival checks, free universal COVID vaccine distribution, and expanded unemployment insurance in the next relief package.
Why are these efforts proving successful in pushing lawmakers to go big on relief? People power. Tax March and our partners are building and mobilizing a deep bench of grassroots organizing power to show lawmakers that across geography and ideology, the American public overwhelmingly supports a big relief package—and we’re ready to hold politicians accountable to delivering an end to this pandemic.

Mobile billboard in Milwaukee on Feb. 5, 2021

Tax March organizer outside of Sen. Johnson’s Milwaukee office

Mobile billboard outside of Capitol Building in Columbus, Ohio
Read more about #ReliefNOW:
    • A coalition of progressive groups is teaming up on a major ad campaign targeting congressional Republicans, urging them to move forward with a comprehensive Covid-19 relief package. They are calling on Republicans to support $2,000 survival checks, at least $600 a week in expanded unemployment benefits and a $15 minimum wage, as well as free universal Covid-19 vaccine distribution. The #ReliefNOW campaign, led by Tax March, kick off with four state-specific ads in Wisconsin, Ohio, Iowa and Illinois…
  • Cook Political Report: Can Democrats Win on the Economy?
    • …And, then there was the deficit-busting 2017 tax cut legislation that Republicans passed under similar reconciliation rules. “Republicans like Ron Johnson and Rob Portman pushed for spending like drunken sailors for tax breaks for the wealthy and well-connected but now want to be ‘targeted’ when it comes to giving aid to working families.” Maura Quint, Executive Director of the progressive group Tax March emailed to me. “Supporting the President’s plan for full COVID relief, with this pandemic raging in their states, should be easy.”
    • The #ReliefNOW campaign calls for “full, fast and fair relief” to help struggling Iowans pay rent and medical and utility bills, and feed their family. Tax March, in a press release, argues Miller-Meeks “is leaving Iowa families who need massive economic relief high and dry,” while standing firm in her commitment to protecting the Trump tax cuts for billionaires and corporations.
    • Progressive groups have launched a seven-figure ad campaign against four Republican members of Congress, including Rep. Adam Kinzinger, demanding they vote for a Covid relief package. The #ReliefNOW campaign, led by Tax March, says “During this pandemic, the rich got richer. And the well-to-do are doing pretty well because politicians like Adam Kinzinger reward them with tax breaks for private jets and yachts. But for the tens of thousands in Illinois out of work due to Covid, Kinzinger’s a hard no on relief.”
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