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Illinoisans Demand Rep. Adam Kinzinger Support Full COVID Relief and Recovery

February 10, 2021
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Illinoisans Demand Rep. Adam Kinzinger Support Full COVID Relief and Recovery
ILLINOIS — A coalition of Illinois advocates, led by the national organization Tax March, launched an ad campaign today demanding Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) support President Biden’s $1.9 trillion COVID relief package. The Illinois ad is part of a seven-figure, multi-state campaign calling on members of Congress to support full, fast, and fair COVID relief to help end this pandemic and get the country back on its feet.
The #ReliefNOW campaign calls for full, fast, and fair relief to all those in need. Whether it’s paying rent, keeping the lights on, putting food on the table, or paying medical expenses that have worsened during the pandemic, people need help now. While Kinzinger voted to cut taxes for billionaires and corporations in 2017, he has left Illinois families who need more economic relief high and dry. Kinzinger must support a comprehensive relief package and do his part to aid the recovery process for Illinois and all of America.
Janet Kilgus—retired teacher, Illinois Education Association member, and Vice President of Illinois the Alliance for Retired Americans Board—shared: 
“After nearly a year of this pandemic, Illinoisians have gotten less than the bare minimum we need to recover. While Rep. Kinzinger has been focused on the wealthy and powerful, we’ve been focused on trying to get our neighbors what they need to survive. Kinzinger didn’t bat an eye when the issue was giving tax breaks to billionaires, but now that it’s about helping his constituents survive, he won’t lift a finger. Rep. Kinzinger: support Biden’s COVID relief and recovery package now. His community that elected him cannot afford his delays or politicking.”
Marisol Luna, Parent Leader and Member of POWER-PAC Illinois, shared:
“I have been paying taxes for more than 20 years with no need to ask for help to support myself, my 5 children, and my community. This pandemic has been economically harmful for thousands of families that like me, have been suffering from a lack of income because we are unemployed, are drowning in debt with high utility bills, medical bills, rent, mortgage, etc. Today we are asking you to support all American families to alleviate our financial situation by immediately passing a fair package to keep our families safe and strong during this crisis. We always support you, so it is time for us to receive what we all deserve!”
Tax March Executive Director Maura Quint said:
“What our government has done for us during the pandemic is far from enough. With half a million loved ones lost and millions more left with crippling, life-long illnesses, it’s shameful that Congress is worried about the debt ceiling and political perceptions. Illinois residents need survival checks, expanded unemployment benefits, a $15 minimum wage, and universal access to free COVID vaccines. Delaying a fast, full, and fair economic recovery package will only hurt more Americans, and the people of Illinois.”
Harish Patel, Illinois Director of the Economic Security Project Action (ESPA) commented: 
“Congressman Kinzinger has spoken up for COVID relief in the past. But when the next relief package comes to a vote, is he going to put his constituents first, or his party? He has said he supports bigger relief checks—well, let’s make them recurring until the economy recovers. Now isn’t the time for timid solutions; we need a big package at the scale of the problem.”
VO: During this pandemic, the rich got richer…and the well-to-do…are doing pretty well.
VO: Because politicians like Adam Kinzinger reward them with tax breaks for private jets and yachts. 
VO: But for the tens of thousands in Illinois out of work due to Covid, Kinzinger’s a hard no on relief.
VO: With Adam Kinzinger, those with billions hit the jackpot. Those who need relief…get jack squat.
VO: Tell Kinzinger those out of work are out of time. Pass COVID relief now.
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Partners of the #ReliefNOW campaign include:
American Family Voices
Blue Future
Broward for Progress
Citizen Action WI
Citizens for Tax Justice
Committee to Protect Medicare
Economic Security Project Action (Illinois)
For Our Future Ohio Action Fund
Health Care for America Now
Indivisible (Alaska, California, Chicago, Georgia, Hawaii & Virginia Coalitions)
Invest In America Action
Iowa Citizen Action Network
Main Street Action
National Women’s Law Center
Patriotic Millionaires
Protect Our Care
Tax March Iowa
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