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In a New Six-Figure Ad Buy, Wisconsin Progressives Tell Johnson: ‘Say Yes’ to Hard-Working Wisconsinites, Not the Rich

September 28, 2021
In a New Six-Figure Ad Buy, Wisconsin Progressives Tell Johnson: ‘Say Yes’ to Hard-Working Wisconsinites, Not the Rich
Groups Say Build Back Better Must Help Wisconsin Families, and Tax Billionaires
MADISON, WI — Today, Tax March Wisconsin announced new ads backed by an $800k buy, calling on Senator Ron Johnson to support President Biden’s Build Back Better agenda. Backed by seven other Wisconsin groups, the ads point out that Johnson voted against advancing the Build Back Better agenda, which includes lowering prescription drug prices, adding dental and vision to Medicare, making childcare more affordable. The package would be paid for by taxing billionaires, who’ve added nearly $2 trillion to their wealth during the pandemic.
The campaign will launch with two ads, “Nope” and “Rules,” set to run on TV and digital platforms in Wisconsin. Last week, the groups deployed billboards and digital ads across the state as a part of a nationwide effort demanding congressional Republicans support the Build Back Better agenda, including taxes on the rich.

View “Nope” here

View “Rules” here

Tax March Wisconsin is leading a coalition of Wisconsin groups to demand that Senator Johnson step up to help hard-working Wisconsinites, and fund it by making the rich pay their fair share in taxes.

Brian Eisold, Tax March Wisconsin Organizer commented:
“We want Senator Johnson to do what’s right for Wisconsin families, not just big corporations and the super rich. Billionaires and big corporations are making more money than ever, but our small businesses and working families are still feeling the strain of the pandemic every day.
“Senator Johnson has a choice: either he can deliver for our families, or he can protect millionaires, like himself. That should be an easy decision, but over and over, he keeps choosing the wrong side. We’re sending a message today that we need Senator Johnson to finally come through for our families: tax the rich and deliver for Wisconsin families.”
“Nope” Script:


We’re divided, but we can agree now’s the time to help hard-working Wisconsinites, right?

Nope, not Ron Johnson. See, on lowering prescription drugs prices, Johnson was a no. 

Adding dental and vision to Medicare? Nah.

Or making childcare more affordable, to help people get back to work? No way.

What about making the rich, like him, pay their fair share in taxes? Heck no. 

Tell Ron Johnson: Time to say yes to building Wisconsin back better.

“Rules” Script:


We play by the rules.

Pay our taxes.

They don’t.

Corporations and the ultra-rich use major loopholes to avoid paying billions. But the Build Back Better plan can fix that. 

So Senator Johnson, after doubling your wealth while in office…whose side are you on?

You opposed lowering prescription drug prices and expanding Medicare benefits. While protecting corporations and the rich, from paying their fair share.

Tell Ron Johnson: Pick our side this time. Build Wisconsin back better.

Partners in the campaign include: Tax March Wisconsin, For Our Future WI, 9to5 Wisconsin, Progress North, A Better Wisconsin Together, Family Friendly Wisconsin, Main Street Alliance Action Fund – Wisconsin, and Opportunity Wisconsin.

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