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Iowans Demand Rep. Mariannette Miller-Meeks Support Full COVID Relief Package

February 10, 2021
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Iowans Demand Rep. Mariannette Miller-Meeks Support Full COVID Relief Package
IOWA — A coalition of Iowa groups, led by the national organization Tax March, announced a campaign today demanding Rep. Mariannette Miller-Meeks (R-IA) support President Biden’s $1.9 trillion COVID relief package. The campaign will include an ad running in the state’s second congressional district, along with COVID-safe in-person actions calling on Miller-Meeks to support Iowa’s working families. The ad is part of a multi-state campaign spearheaded by Tax March, aimed at pushing members of Congress to back Biden’s COVID relief package.
In addition to the ad, Tax March Iowa will make a donation to the Center for Worker Justice of Eastern Iowa—a group that unites low-wage workers to work for social and economic justice through education, direct service and community alliances. The donation of $5,600 is equivalent to what an Iowa family of four would receive under President Biden’s relief plan.
The #ReliefNOW campaign calls for full, fast, and fair relief to all those in need. Whether it’s paying rent, keeping the lights on, feeding their families, or paying medical expenses that have worsened due to the pandemic, people need help now. Miller-Meeks has been firm in her commitment to protecting the Trump tax cuts for billionaires and corporations, even though there’s only one billionaire living in the state. Yet she is leaving Iowa families who need massive economic relief high and dry. Miller-Meeks must support a comprehensive relief package to end this crisis and get Iowans back on their feet.
Kay Pence, Vice President of the Iowa Alliance for Retired Americans, and Miller-Meeks’s constituent, commented:
“It’s outrageous Miller-Meeks doesn’t care that it is nearly impossible for seniors in IA like myself to get a vaccine, let alone vaccines for the many essential workers and school children who won’t even make the list for months. Miller-Meeks needs to support COVID relief right now when we need it most.”
Gayle Warner of Kalona, IA added:
“We’ve seen first hand that billionaires and corporations don’t care about real Iowans. At the Whirlpool plant in Amana, management made it as hard for us to take leave and dragged their feet on notifying staff about COVID infections, even as an outbreak was moving through the plant. Now Governor Reynolds is lifting the statewide mask mandate while the pandemic is still out of control. Someone has to do the right thing for Iowans who are suffering. Mariannette Miller-Meeks should get behind relief for us now.”
Mazahir Salih, Interim Executive Director of the Center for Worker Justice of Eastern Iowa said:
“For the last year, workers in Eastern Iowa have been fighting an uphill battle to protect their families against the pandemic and the economic crisis. Even for those who have avoided serious health effects, COVID-19 still ravaged the lives of our community members. Our center has been overwhelmed by requests for assistance from parents unexpectedly thrown out of work, desperate to keep the lights, water, and heat on and provide food for their children. We’ve seen low-wage workers who lack health insurance infected and hospitalized because they had to keep working even when it wasn’t safe.
“Our work has made a difference, but our communities simply cannot respond to a disaster of this scale without more leadership at a federal level. It is time for the federal government to step up and provide meaningful support for all workers, our communities, and our local economies. With coordination from federal, state, and local governments and nonprofits like ours, our families will pull through this crisis and be prepared to rebuild an even stronger Iowa.”
Tax March Executive Director Maura Quint said:
“Iowans are facing rampant unemployment, lost income, and a growing stack of unpaid bills. This is no time for Mariannette Miller-Meeks to be playing politics with people’s livelihoods. Iowa’s families need recurring survival checks, bolstered unemployment insurance, and universally administered free COVID vaccines. Rep. Miller-Meeks needs to do right by the community that elected her and back the $1.9 trillion COVID relief package. Iowans are looking to her to help secure our path to recovery—Rep. Miller-Meeks would do well to rise to the occasion.”
VO: During this pandemic, the rich got richer…and the well-to-do…are doing pretty well.
VO: And even though there’s only one billionaire in Iowa, Marianette Miller-Meeks supports giving billionaires huge tax breaks for private jets and yachts. 
VO: But for Iowans who lost their job…she voted against sending more relief.
VO: With Miller-Meeks, those with billions hit the jackpot, But those who need relief…get jack squat.
VO: Tell Mariannette Miller-Meeks we can’t afford to wait. Pass COVID relief now.
Paid for by Tax March
Partners of the #ReliefNOW Campaign in Iowa include:
  • Iowa Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO
  • Iowa Alliance for Retired Americans
  • Indivisible-Iowa
  • Progress Iowa
  • Americans for Democratic Action-Iowa
  • Iowa Citizen Action Network
  • Tax March Iowa
  • Iowa Main Street Alliance
  • Lower Drug Prices Now Iowa
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