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Mitch McConnell Skips Town While Coronavirus Threatens Americans’ Health and Economic Security

MAY 22, 2020
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Mitch McConnell Skips Town While Coronavirus Threatens Americans’ Health and Economic Security

 — Senator Mitch McConnell brought the Senate back into session three weeks ago to tackle the most pressing issue facing America today — the lack of conservative judges on the federal bench. If you were surprised by that sentence … so were we. Instead of trying to help Americans and state governments reeling from the worst pandemic in a century, with over 93,000 dead and 38 million unemployed, Mitch McConnell’s focus was elsewhere.
Earlier this month, McConnell said he would not support a new coronavirus relief bill unless it included a corporate immunity clause, leaving workers with no recourse against corporations that endanger their lives. McConnell clearly believes that protecting corporate executives, not American workers and families, is the key priority in his Senate.
In response to Mitch McConnell’s plans to recess the Senate today, with no further action to protect the health and economic security of American families, Tax March Executive Director Maura Quint released the following statement:
“Giving corporations immunity from being held responsible for their dangerous business practices will kill Americans. It already has. In a global pandemic, workers and families should be certain that their health and safety is the number one priority. We should never give corporations permission to endanger workers.
A week ago, House Democrats passed a crucial coronavirus relief package that puts everyday people ahead of corporations. Millions of newly unemployed Americans will need to pay rent again in less than two weeks, yet Mitch McConnell has yet to even agree to vote on the HEROES Act to help stabilize the economy. We urge Congress to reject the corporate immunity provisions proposed by the Trump administration and Mitch McConnell, and instead provide economic relief that centers American families immediately.”

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