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Multi-Million Dollar Campaign Will Affirm That Democrats Delivered on COVID Relief

March 17, 2021
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Multi-Million Dollar Campaign Will Affirm That Democrats Delivered on COVID Relief
WASHINGTON, D.C. — Today, Tax March announced a multi-million dollar #ReliefNOW campaign aimed at educating the American public about the people-first recovery provisions included in the Biden-Harris administration’s American Rescue Plan—and how members of Congress voted on it.
Over the weekend, millions of Americans started receiving the $1,400 stimulus checks President Biden promised and congressional Democrats delivered. Today, millions more have federal unemployment insurance, thanks to the American Rescue Plan extending benefits past the previous expiration date. The list of relief measures afforded to the American public through the package goes on: the child tax credit and other provisions in the law are projected to cut child poverty in half, ACA premium subsidies included in the package will expand health care coverage for millions of Americans, and the American Rescue Plan will bolster COVID vaccine distribution, helping achieve the fast-paced goal of making vaccines available to all adults by May.
“The American people elected Democrats last November to lead us out of this crisis—with the American Rescue Plan signed and sealed, Democrats have started delivering,” said Tax March Campaign Director Dana Bye. “Americans have made clear that they aren’t interested in the ‘small government’ ideas that left millions defenseless during the biggest crisis of our lifetime, but allowed billionaires to add more than $1.3 trillion to their wealth during the pandemic. And with Republican hacks and lawmakers spreading disinformation about what this relief package will mean for our country’s recovery, it’s crucial that Americans understand the truth of what’s in the American Rescue Plan and who made it happen: Democrats.”
This sustained education and accountability campaign will include ads designed to meet Americans where they’re at as they experience the benefits of the American Rescue Plan in real time. Upcoming ads will be targeted to run at high-traffic COVID vaccination sites, such as the mobile billboard featured above, and timed to air as checks from the relief package’s child tax credit are distributed.
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