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National Tax March and Not One Penny Announce Progressive Partner Organizations for Tax March One-Year Anniversary Events

Tax March Will Host More Than 100 Events Nationwide To Call on Congress to Repeal TrumpTax

Events Conclude Nationwide Tour Shining a Light on Republican Tax Hikes on Middle-Class Families

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

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WASHINGTON, D.C. — Today, Tax March, in partnership with Not One Penny, announced the progressive partners and grassroots organizations that are hosting more than 100 nationwide events on April 14th and 15th, the weekend before Tax Day, to call on Congress to repeal the TrumpTax.

House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi and other elected officials will headline events to mark the one-year anniversary of the Tax March, and will discuss the disastrous impact the TrumpTax will have on middle-class families.

The Tax March and Not One Penny coalition announced today that Americans for Tax Fairness, Center for American Progress Action Fund, Health Care for America Now, Indivisible, NETWORK Lobby for Catholic Social Justice, Patriotic Millionaires, Public Citizen, Stand Up America, the Working Families Party, and numerous others will be supporting the efforts to engage constituents across the country.

“Republicans across the country—in Alabama, Pennsylvania, and Virginia—are seeing that the American people do not want more tax cuts for the wealthy,” said Nicole Gill, Executive Director of Tax March. “We are ready to deliver our message to Republicans: stop giving tax breaks to wealthy corporations and individuals at the expense of working families, or the GOP will be the ones paying the price for years to come. Our events around Tax Day are just a small sample of the progressive energy that has taken hold in 2018.”

“Tax reform should have leveled the playing field, not tilted it further in favor of corporations, the wealthy and well-connected. That’s why the Trump-GOP tax cuts that benefit the rich and corporations should be repealed, as activists at more than 100 events across the country will be demanding,” said Frank Clemente, Executive Director of Americans for Tax Fairness. “These tax cuts are exploding the national debt and endangering funding for Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and education. Instead, we demand a tax system that is fair, provides the resources needed to invest in our communities, and helps working families get ahead.”

“Every day we see a new example of the Republican culture of corruption in Washington, but the tax bill took corruption to a scale we’ve never seen before,” said Navin Nayak, Executive Director of the Center for American Progress Action Fund. “Millions of middle-class families will see higher taxes and lose their health care, just to fund tax cuts for members of Congress, their donors, and the people who need it the least. Instead of looting our kids’ futures, we need to start investing in them, and that means the corruption has to stop right now.”

“Republicans passed a tax law that gives huge breaks to Wall Street CEOs and the richest households, and now the rest of us have to pay for those giveaways. The Republicans made big cuts to the Affordable Care Act to pay for permanent tax breaks for large corporations,” said Margarida Jorge and Ethan Rome, Co-Executive Directors for Health Care for America Now (HCAN). “From increasing insurance premiums and reducing access to affordable health coverage to cutting critical funding for programs that save lives, this bill is bad policy and will hurt American families. Congress should repeal the tax breaks for the rich and instead invest in Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security, education and other public services.”

“The new tax law continues to be unpopular. And when people find out their Member of Congress voted for it, they say they’re less likely to vote for that member in November,” said Chad Bolt, Associate Policy Director at Indivisible. “With all eyes on taxes this coming Tax Day, we’re reminding our Members of Congress and voters everywhere that the bad vote they took to enrich themselves and their rich friends should be top of mind this November.”

“As a woman of faith, I know that we have a responsibility to care for our neighbor. Pope Francis teaches that all have a responsibility to contribute to the common good, and we should do so based on our various gifts. This faithful duty is echoed in the Constitution, that ‘We the People’ seek to form a ‘more perfect Union,’” said Sister Simone Campbell, SSS, Executive Director of NETWORK Lobby for Catholic Social Justice. “In our society, taxes are the way ‘We the People’ invest in the common good. The Republican Tax Plan undermines faith teaching and our social contract by encouraging the wealthiest to contribute less than their fair share of taxes. All must pay their fair share. It’s faithful, and it’s patriotic!”

“Nothing demonstrates the wholesale capture of government by self interested billionaires better than the intellectually and morally bankrupt tax bill just passed by the Republican Congress,” said Erica Payne, President of the Patriotic Millionaires. “The Koch brothers paid off Paul Ryan with 500k, are spending 20 million trying to sell this crap plan to the public, and are getting 1.4 billion more in their pockets for their efforts. It would be laughable if it wasn’t so sick.”

“The tax bill was a clear payoff by the GOP to their corporate donors—companies that are now pouring millions of dollars of secret money into misinformation ad campaigns to provide cover for lawmakers who are rightly threatened by the public backlash against the new tax law that will increase inequality, promote offshoring of jobs, and give a huge windfall to tax dodgers,” said Lisa Gilbert, Vice President of Legislative Affairs for Public Citizen. “No matter how the Koch brothers and their cronies try to spin it, the reality is that the TrumpTax plan gifts corporations huge tax breaks at the expense of hard working families’ health, education, and wellbeing and it’s up to We the People to stand up and demand that Congress repeal this terrible law and stand with everyday Americans instead of corporations and the ultra-wealthy.”

“Trump’s tax scam is a massive, taxpayer-funded handout to big corporations and the wealthy,” said Sean Eldridge, founder and president of Stand Up America. “Working families should not have to foot the bill for Republican handouts to the rich, which is why we’re organizing across the country to repeal Trump’s tax scam.”

“The TrumpTax was marketed as a boon for the middle class, while in reality it lines the pockets of the wealthiest few at the expense of working families,” said Joe Dinkin of the Working Families Party. “This is a transfer of wealth from the middle class to the top 1 percent and large corporations. We must stand together across this country and fight for a progressive agenda that works for the many, not just the few.”

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