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New $2 Million Ad Campaign Tells Billionaires: “If You Can Afford To Joyride In Space, You Can Pay Your Fair Share in Taxes”

July 26, 2021

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New $2 Million Ad Campaign Tells Billionaires: “If You Can Afford To Joyride In Space, You Can Pay Your Fair Share in Taxes”

Ads Call on Congress to Tax Big Corporations and the Rich

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Today, Tax March announced a new $2 million campaign calling on Congress to raise taxes on big corporations and the rich in the upcoming economic packages. The ads target billionaires like Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk, whose personal space race has underscored America’s extreme wealth gap, and they call on Washington lawmakers to pass Biden’s economic agenda, get serious about taxing the rich and extend tax cuts for American families. 

The campaign will launch with a billboard and an organized action in New York City’s Times Square on Tuesday, July 27. Ads will run on TV and digital platforms nationally, with an emphasis on Washington D.C., Wisconsin, Iowa, and New York.

View the TV ad here.

View the Times Square billboard here.

Read the exclusive in NBC News.

Tax March—an early advocate of taxing the rich—is stepping up its fight to raise taxes on corporations and the wealthy as Congress takes up the Democrats’ economic plans. The group is looking to show that taxing the rich is good politics for lawmakers nationwide. Recent polling shows that even in conservative-leaning districts, voters overwhelmingly support increased taxes on big corporations and the rich. 

Tax March Executive Director Maura Quint commented:

“While a handful of the world’s wealthiest men are having a space race, countless Americans are struggling to make ends meet. We’re here to tell them, ‘If you can afford to joyride in space, you can pay your fair share in taxes.’ Billionaires got $1.8 trillion richer since the start of the pandemic, and they will pay taxes on virtually none of it. That has to change now.

“These economic packages are an opportunity to start rooting out income inequality to create a fair economy for all Americans. It’s time to start building from the bottom up and the middle out. Our lawmakers must unrig the tax code so it works for all of us: raise the corporate tax rate, tax capital gains at the same rate as income, close the loopholes, cut taxes for working families, and increase enforcement so that big companies and the ultra-wealthy start paying their fair share.”

Joyride” Script:


If you can afford to launch yourself into space … you can pay your fair share in taxes. 

But billionaires and big corporations have avoided paying taxes for years.

Joe Biden’s plan makes the rich pay their fair share so we can cut taxes for families with children and create millions of good jobs.

Tell Congress to stop putting billionaires ahead of the middle class. If you can afford to joyride in space … you can pay your fair share.


About Tax March

Tax March is a grassroots movement fighting for a fairer and more equitable tax code, and an economy that works for everyone, not just those at the top. Our organizers across the nation advocate in their communities and in Washington for policies to tax the rich and invest in middle and working class communities. During the coronavirus pandemic, we are calling on Congress and the White House to deliver direct relief to working families, tax the billionaires and big corporations whose wealth has skyrocketed, and rebuild a stronger, more equitable economy. 

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