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Ohioans Demand Rob Portman Support Full COVID Rescue Plan

February 9, 2021
Ohioans Demand Rob Portman Support Full COVID Rescue Plan
OHIO — This morning, a coalition of Ohio groups—including For Our Future Ohio Action Fund and Blaque Women Rising, and led by the national organization Tax March—announced the #ReliefNOW campaign demanding Sen. Rob Portman back President Biden’s $1.9 trillion COVID relief package. The group will launch a six-figure ad buy today, along with a number of COVID-safe in-person actions demanding that Portman support Ohio’s working families.
The #ReliefNOW campaign calls for full, fast, and fair relief to all those in need. Whether it’s paying rent, keeping the lights on, feeding their families, or paying medical expenses that have worsened due to the pandemic, people need help now. In 2017, Portman eagerly supported a $1.9 trillion tax break for the wealthiest Americans. But now that Ohio’s middle class families are struggling, he and nine other Republican Senators have been trying to cut Biden’s COVID relief plan down to just a third of what was proposed—and Biden’s proposal is still just an initial step toward longer term, large-scale recovery efforts. Portman must support a comprehensive rescue package that addresses the once-in-a-generation crisis facing Ohio.
Executive Director & Founder of Blaque Women Rising Bishop Marcia Dinkins commented:
“After a year of the pandemic, with very little action from Congress, the challenges facing Ohio’s families are unimaginable. Thousands of Ohioans in cities and small towns have lost their jobs and lost their employer-provided health insurance, but rent and medical bills are still due. Sen. Portman must support President Biden’s plan to rescue the economy and defeat the virus. As a retiring Senator, he doesn’t have to worry about donors or ideology – he should do what he knows is right. Ohioans need help and we’re demanding Sen. Portman have our backs.”
Tax March Executive Director Maura Quint said:
“Ohio has been hit hard by this pandemic and it’s time Sen. Portman get serious about helping those in need. Ohioans have lost nearly 12,000 family members, friends, and neighbors to this virus, and the economy is still reeling. Sen. Portman had no problem giving a $1.9 trillion tax cut to billionaires under President Trump. Ohio’s working families should be able to expect the same support that their Sen. gave the wealthy.”
VO: During this pandemic, the rich got richer…and the well-to-do…are doing pretty well.
VO: See, billionaires have a friend in Rob Portman. He gave them billions in tax breaks for private jets and yachts. 
VO: But for Ohioans who’ve lost a job…Portman gets stingy. He thinks it’s “too generous” to help everyone who’s struggling.
VO: With Portman, those with billions hit the jackpot, But those who need relief…get jack squat.
VO: Tell Rob Portman we can’t afford to wait. Pass COVID relief now.
Paid for by Tax March
National partners of the #ReliefNOW campaign to date include:
American Family Voices
Blue Future
Citizens for Tax Justice
Committee to Protect Medicare
COVID Survivors for Change
Groundwork Action
Health Care for America Now
Invest In America Action
Main Street Action
National Women’s Law Center
Patriotic Millionaires
Prosperity Now
Protect Our Care
Protect Our Care’s Coronavirus War Room
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