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Progressives Launch Seven-Figure Campaign with Super Bowl Ad Demanding Full, Fast, and Fair COVID Relief

FEBRUARY 5, 2021
Progressives Launch Seven-Figure Campaign with Super Bowl Ad Demanding Full, Fast, and Fair COVID Relief 
WASHINGTON, D.C. — Today, a coalition of progressive groups led by Tax March announced a seven-figure ad campaign demanding action from congressional Republicans who are stalling efforts to rescue the American economy and end the pandemic. The campaign will kick off with a Super Bowl ad in Wisconsin demanding Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) support a full relief package instead of blocking direct cash payments to struggling Wisconsinites.
The #ReliefNOW campaign calls for full, fast, and fair relief to all those in need. Whether it’s paying rent, keeping the lights on, feeding their families or paying medical expenses that have only worsened due to this pandemic, people need help now. The campaign will launch with four state-specific ads in Wisconsin, Ohio, Iowa and Illinois calling on Senator Ron Johnson (WI), Senator Rob Portman (OH), Rep. Mariannette Miller-Meeks (IA-2), and Adam Kinzinger (IL-16) to act now. Tax March and state partners will also organize actions demanding members of Congress swiftly pass a rescue bill that ensures a full, fast, and fair economic recovery. Recent polling shows the vast majority of Americans want a robust stimulus package now, no matter the price tag.
“After a year of insufficient aid to meet an ever-worsening crisis, Americans are demanding comprehensive relief,” said Tax March Executive Director Maura Quint. “Right now, there are more than 26 million people who are out of work, who have lost pay, or who have lost hours because of the pandemic. Our economic system is rigged, and has been for decades. Republican lawmakers have no problem supporting massive tax breaks for billionaires, even though we know this kind of relief doesn’t “trickle down.” There’s no excuse for them to block full relief for those in their states and nationally who are struggling to stay afloat now.  A small rescue package will leave too many people behind. Pass full COVID relief now.”
VO: During this pandemic, the rich got richer…and the well-to-do…are doing pretty well.
VO: See, billionaires have a friend in Ron Johnson – Who gave them billions in breaks for yachts and private jets. 
VO: But for the millions who’ve lost a job…Johnson says we “simply can’t afford” to help those who can’t afford….much of anything.
VO: With Johnson, those who have billions hit the jackpot, But those who need relief…get jack squat.
VO: Tell Ron Johnson we can’t afford to wait. Pass COVID relief now.
Paid for by Tax March
A list of national, state and local coalition partners in formation of the #ReliefNOW campaign includes:
A Better Wisconsin Together
All In Wisconsin
American Family Voices
Blue Future
Broward for Progress
Citizen Action WI
Citizens for Tax Justice
Committee to Protect Medicare
For Our Future Ohio Action Fund
Hawaii Indivisible Statewide
Health Care for America Now
Indivisible Alaska Statewide
Indivisible California Statewide
Indivisible Chicago Alliance
Indivisible Georgia Coalition
Indivisible Virginia
Invest In America Action
Iowa Citizen Action Network
Main Street Action
National Women’s Law Center
Patriotic Millionaires
Protect Our Care
Protect Our Care WI
Protect Our Care’s Coronavirus War Room
Tax March Iowa
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