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Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Congressman Brendan Boyle, Congressman Raùl Grijalva,and Congresswoman Ilhan Omar Join Tax the Rich Tour in Washington, DC



Wednesday, July 10, 2019  


C.J. Warnke

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Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Congressman Brendan Boyle, Congressman Raùl Grijalva, and Congresswoman Ilhan Omar Join Tax the Rich Tour in Washington, DC  

Tax the Rich Team Joined by Congressional Leaders and Activists to Call For the Wealthy to Pay Their Fair Share

Polling Shows 75 Percent of Americans Support Taxing the Rich, Including 70 Percent of Independents and 60 Percent of Republicans

WASHINGTON—Today, Tax March was joined by congressional leaders and activists for a press conference as part of the “Tax the Rich bus tour” in the nation’s capital. Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Congressman Brendan Boyle, Congressman Raùl Grijalva, and Congresswoman Ilhan Omar, teamed up with Dana Bye (Tax March), Sister Simone Campbell (NETWORK Lobby for Catholic Social Justice and Nuns on the Bus), Melissa Boteach (National Women’s Law Center) and Jeneva Stone (Little Lobbyists) to call for the repeal of the GOP tax law and for the wealthy to pay their fair share in taxes.

“Two years ago we came together, this same march with the bus tour, Sister Simone our leader, and we took to the streets to demand tax fairness,” said Speaker Nancy Pelosi. “Last year, we all turned out all over the country, turned up the heat on the Republicans for their cruel betrayal of the American people for the GOP Tax Scam. Now, on the National Mall and in cities across the nation, we are raising our voices once again to reject the Republican special interest agenda.”

“Tax policy comes down to fairness,” said Congressman Boyle. “Last Congress the GOP passed a massive tax cut in which 83 percent of the benefit went to the top 1 percent. So many in my district in Philadelphia have not benefited from those gains. Our tax code should be balanced where it is as fair for the working and middle class as it is for those at the top. Unfortunately, the current system does not treat everyone the same and essentially puts a thumb on the scale in favor of the ultra 1 percent.”

Truly creating an equitable society and a fair economy means not allowing people and corporations to accumulate so much wealth that they get to dictate the laws and control our political system,” said Congresswoman Omar. “And that’s why we need to ensure billionaires, millionaires, and billion dollar corporations who politicians so often prioritize are asked to contribute a little more.”

“The rich must pay their fair share,” said Congressman Grijalva. “We have to dismantle the GOP tax package and create a fair and equitable tax code. By unrigging the system, we will unite the American people around the idea that we are ready to invest in ourselves. This fight for the wellbeing our democracy and for the wellbeing of the American people.”

In 2017, a GOP-led Congress passed a reckless tax plan that further exacerbated our nation’s wealth inequality—and most Americans are demanding it’s repeal,” said Dana Bye, Campaign Director of Tax March. “Between now and July 30, the Tax the Rich tour will continue its journey for economic justice, bringing the fight to 11 more states. The conversations we’re inspiring in these communities could not be more important, and we’re honored to have members of Congress and national advocates elevating our rallying cry today.”

“Tax justice is gender justice,” said Melissa Boteach, Vice President, Income Security & Child Care/Early Learning, National Women’s Law Center.“If you fight for paid leave, if you fight for child care, if you fight for fair wages and equal pay—you fight for tax fairness. Because when the rich don’t pay their fair share; when the wealthy and corporations play by a different set of rules than the rest of us – women’s equality and dignity are among the top casualties.”

“The truth of this tax bill quite frankly, it’s unpatriotic,” said Sister Simone Campbell. “I call this tax bill unpatriotic because what it does is it divides us. It says we are only individuals trying to get as much as we can for myself. That’s unpatriotic. We know the founding of our nation, we know the truth of our nation.”

My son has a rare disease and he is one of 35 million Americans for whom Medicaid has been a lifesaver,” said Jeneva Stone, an activist with Little Lobbyists. “The long term effects of the GOP Tax Bill would sacrifice my son’s life to corporate interests. Little Lobbyists wants our children to survive and thrive in their communities, and they can’t do that without Medicaid, CHIP, and the ACA. Tax giveaways mean less funding for these lifesaving programs.”

Taking place between the first two presidential debates, the Tax the Rich Bus tour will be traveling across the country this summer, to tell the truth about the harmful effects of the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act and empower local elected officials, activists and national organizations to demand the rich and corporations pay their fair share. The tour concludes in Detroit, MI on July 30, 2019.

The Tax the Rich Bus Tour will stop in more than 20 states, including Florida, North Carolina, Maine, Iowa, Colorado, Pennsylvania, and New York, and end in Detroit, MI.


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