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STATEMENT: Tax March and Iowa Citizen Action Network Launch Tax March Iowa



Wednesday, May 29, 2019  

 PRESS CONTACT: Valerie Jean-Charles,[email protected]


DES MOINES, Iowa — Today, Tax March announced the launch of Tax March Iowa. The seven-figure project, being led by Director Sue Dinsdale, will focus on bringing the current national momentum for a fair tax system to Iowa in a way that empowers voters, elected officials, and local activists to discuss and advocate for taxing the rich and repealing the 2017 Republican tax law — issues critical to both the 2020 presidential nomination process and the 2020 general election.

“For too long, Iowans have been forced to live with one of the nation’s most unfair state and local tax systems. In fact, it is among the 10 states with the highest taxes for the poorest residents. And on top of that, Iowans have to contend with an extraordinarily unbalanced federal tax code. It is time for us to fight back against the gross inequality in our state and our country,” said Sue Dinsdale, Director of Tax March Iowa. “A successful Iowa is one that works for everyone, and not just the wealthy few at the top. Tax March Iowa is dedicated to normalizing conversations around taxing the rich, so much so that no presidential candidate will be able to campaign in our state without addressing this topic head on.”

“As we head toward the 2020 elections, we know it is up to all of us to keep the fight for a fair tax system front and center, and Tax March Iowa will help make that happen,” said Maura Quint, Executive Director of Tax March. “The demonstrated popularity of the ‘Tax the Rich’ movement continues to show us that making the wealthy and corporations pay their fair share isn’t a partisan issue, it is supported by a community of Americans from all walks of life demanding that our political leaders, from the statehouse to the White House, prioritize and take action to unrig our economy. Our tax system must stop favoring the rich few at the expense of the rest of us: It is time for the wealthiest individuals and corporations to pay their fair share.”

The project is launching with support from the Iowa Citizen Action Network.

If you’d like to request an interview with a Tax March or Tax March Iowa spokesperson, please email Valerie Jean-Charles at [email protected].


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