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Tax March Launches Seven-Figure Campaign to Hold Republicans Accountable for Siding with the Rich Instead of Building Back Better

September 20, 2021

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Tax March Launches Seven-Figure Campaign to Hold Republicans Accountable for Siding with the Rich Instead of Building Back Better

The campaign targets Republicans who are refusing to support the widely popular economic agenda currently making its way through Congress.

WASHINGTON, D.C. First reported by CNBC, Tax March launched a new seven-figure paid media and ground campaign targeting Republicans in Iowa (Rep. Miller-Meeks), Ohio (Rep. Chabot), Pennsylvania (Rep. Fitzpatrick), Georgia and Nevada along with a million dollar ad buy calling on Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson to support the Build Back Better agenda, and to choose everyday Americans instead of the wealthy and corporations who don’t pay their fair share in taxes. This comes as Trump Republicans and corporations ramp up their attacks on the Democrats’ economic agenda to protect their billionaire and corporate donors.

On-the-ground campaign partners including Tax March Iowa, Tax March Wisconsin, Innovation Ohio, Progress Georgia, 99% PA, and Battle Born Progress are spearheading in-state actions to hold Republican lawmakers accountable for refusing to make the rich and corporations pay their fair share of taxes. These groups are calling for tax reform in order to help local working families pay less for prescription drugs and out-of-pocket health care costs, get dental, hearing, and vision coverage through Medicare, pay less for child care, get paid family and medical leave, and so much more. The choice should be clear.

In addition to the campaign launch, Tax March is kicking off a week of action to highlight the broad bipartisan support for taxing the rich in order to achieve President Biden’s Build Back Better agenda and the need for all members of Congress to make the right choice, alongside over two dozen progressive organizations from across the country, including Indivisible and Build Back Together.

Recent polling shows that 70 percent of voters across party lines support the Democrats’ economic agenda, and 77 percent of those voters support raising taxes on corporations who don’t pay their fair share. Lawmakers face a clear choice: stand with the American people, or stand with big corporations and billionaires who have rigged the system to make the rich richer while everyone else suffers.

Tax March Executive Director Maura Quint commented:

“While Democrats are working to rebalance the economy for all Americans, Republicans are fighting for their billionaire donors—again. As voters, we are mobilizing to tell Congress they must choose the side of working families, not big corporations and the rich.

“Republicans claim that the cost is too high, and yet they block any attempts to raise revenue by making the rich pay their fair share. The hypocritical and dangerous policy agenda of the Republican party must come to an end, and our lawmakers must choose the American people over billionaire donors and big business. It’s past time the government puts working families first.”

Partner organizations for the week of action include: MoveOn, ATF, BBT, CTJ, PMs, CAP Action, HCAN, Iowa Citizen Action Network/Tax March Iowa, Progress Iowa, Innovation Ohio, Progress Georgia, 99% PA, Battle Born Progress, Health Care Voter, Protect Our Care, Broward for Progress, Strong Economy for All, Our Maryland, Citizens for Tax Justice, Blue Future, Poor People’s Campaign, and Indivisible

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