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Tax March Releases New ‘Tax the Rich’ Ads in Houston Before Democratic Presidential Debate

 Wednesday, September 11, 2019   

Valerie Jean-Charles
[email protected] | 646-724-3176  

Tax March Releases New ‘Tax the Rich’ Ads in Houston Before Democratic Presidential Debate 

Tax March Launches Digital Ads, Mobile Billboard, and Full Page Ad in the Houston Chronicle Informing Texans How the 2017 Trump Tax Rigs System in Favor of the Wealthy 

Ads Are Part of Tax March’s New National Six-Figure Campaign Spanning the Remaining Democratic Presidential Debates  

Washington, DC — Today, Tax March announced a five-figure ad campaign in Houston, Texas, highlighting the disastrous effects of the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) and demanding candidates debating at the third Democratic primary debate on September 12 present bold policies to tax the rich. 

The two-day campaign starts Wednesday with geo-targeted digital ads running on Facebook and Twitter and a mobile digital billboard circling downtown Houston calling on lawmakers to “rein in the rich.” 

On the day of the debate, Progress Texas, in partnership with Tax March, will run a full page ad in the Houston Chronicle calling attention to a tax loophole that wealthy developers are using to get tax cuts as they build luxury apartments, hotels, and housing for the rich in some of Houston’s poorest communities. 

Tax March’s Houston activities are the first in a six-figure initiative to build on the current public support for progressive taxation, following this summer’s momentum-building Tax the Rich national bus tour. This campaign aims to empower local activists and voters to hold lawmakers accountable for their TCJA votes and advocate for taxing the rich. 

“Not since the era before the Great Depression has the gap between the wealthy and working-class been so great as it is today, and Americans are fed up,” said Maura Quint, Executive Director of Tax March. “Over the summer, Tax March heard from hundreds of working people across 20 states about how the Trump tax didn’t help them. And this is why Tax March will be traveling to each debate stop to push debate moderators and presidential candidates to have meaningful and nuanced conversations regarding our tax code. With 75 percent of likely 2020 voters supporting taxing the rich, it is crucial that each presidential candidate articulate to the American people their plan to create a fairer tax system that benefits everyone, and not just a privileged few.” 

“While Texas is in the midst of an affordability crisis, the Trump tax plan is showing little impact for those who need it most,” Ed Espinoza, Executive Director of Progress Texas. “Our urgent need is for affordable and missing middle housing, and this particular building, The Preston,  fulfills neither of those goals. This luxury high rise development uses Trump tax cuts to widen the economic divide while many hard working Texans are seeking to bridge the divide—our government  can and should do better.” 

The five-figure ad campaign in Houston includes:

A full-page ad developed in partnership with Progress Texas in the Thursday edition of the Houston Chronicle;

One mobile billboard truck that will circulate downtown Houston, and can be spotted near Texas Southern University hours before the debate on Thursday; and

Tax the Rich ads viewable on Facebook and Twitter. 

To schedule an interview before or after the debates with Tax March spokespeople or board members, please email [email protected]


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