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Tax March: The Bipartisan Senate Deal Is A Step Forward, But Reconciliation Is Essential


AUGUST 10, 2021


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Tax March: The Bipartisan Senate Deal Is A Step Forward, but Reconciliation Is Essential

WASHINGTON, DC Today, the Senate passed a $1 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill, making way for essential investments in jobs and infrastructure. However, this initial bill omits policies that have strong bipartisan support among voters, including increased taxes on big corporations and the rich. To provide comprehensive relief and a sustainable recovery, Democrats must take the next step toward unrigging the economy and putting everyday Americans first. That should be a priority in reconciliation.

After the passage of the bipartisan infrastructure bill, Tax March Executive Director Maura Quint commented:

“The bipartisan infrastructure bill is a step forward, but it isn’t nearly enough to unrig our current economic system. Democratic Senators must pass their $3.5 trillion package through reconciliation and uphold the campaign promises they made to rebalance the economy for middle and working class Americans.

“This bill showed us the limits of what we can do through bipartisanship when the GOP pays more attention to their billionaire donors than their own voters. Republicans obsess over deficits and debt, yet they refused to increase revenue by helping the IRS to catch wealthy tax cheats. They say they want lower taxes, but they rejected an extension to the Child Tax Credit for American families. Even in bipartisan dealmaking, the GOP puts the corporations and the rich ahead of everyday Americans.

So now it’s time for Democrats to step up and deliver. Working and middle class Americans put them in charge of Congress and the White House with a mandate  to unrig the economy and put us first. It’s time for the Democrats to fully create a fairer tax code, invest in American families, and bring about millions of good paying jobs that will build the economy of tomorrow.”


About Tax March

Tax March is a grassroots movement fighting for a fairer and more equitable tax code, and an economy that works for everyone, not just those at the top. Our organizers across the nation advocate in their communities and in Washington for policies to tax the rich and invest in middle and working class communities. During the coronavirus pandemic, we are calling on Congress and the White House to deliver direct relief to working families, tax the billionaires and big corporations whose wealth has skyrocketed, and rebuild a stronger, more equitable economy. 

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