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Tax March to Tax-Dodger Nike in New TV Ad: Just Pay It.

MAY 16, 2021
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Tax March to Tax-Dodger Nike in New TV Ad: Just Pay It.
TV Ad Follows Print Ad in Oregon’s Willamette Week
WASHINGTON, D.C. / PORTLAND — Today, Tax March began airing a new TV ad slamming Nike for paying zero dollars in federal income taxes last year and calling on the corporation to pay its fair share. The ad, airing in Portland as well as Washington, D.C., follows a print ad from Tax March in the Willamette Week calling on Nike to “just pay it.” This is the third in a series of ads from Tax March targeting some of the 55 major corporations—including Nike—that did not pay federal income taxes last year.
“With the NBA playoffs starting soon, Nike is primed to rake in sky-high profits over the next few weeks—meanwhile, they continue to dodge paying their fair share in taxes,” said Maura Quint, Executive Director of Tax March. “As long as we have a broken tax system riddled with loopholes and tax avoidance schemes, we will have corporations like Nike and FedEx bringing in billions and paying not a single dime back into the infrastructure, workers and communities they exploit for profit. It’s time lawmakers reel in corporations like Nike from their pandemic profiteering, and force these companies to pay their taxes.”
Last month, Tax March announced its broader effort to hold tax-dodging corporations accountable with an ad focusing on FedEx. With the Biden administration and Democrats in Congress actively negotiating the American Jobs Plan and American Families Plan—multi-trillion dollar investments projected to massively overhaul America’s economy—Tax March will continue beating the drum on corporate tax accountability because we can’t let tax dodgers drive the tax debate. Between needing to raise the corporate tax rate back to at least 28 percent and closing offshore tax loopholes to force U.S.-based companies to reinvest in American workers, the American Jobs Plan and American Families Plan will jumpstart the process of unrigging our tax code and building an economy that works for everyone—not just the ultra-wealthy and mega-corporations like Nike.

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