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Tax Policy Experts, Advocates Weigh in on Build Back Better Framework

October 29, 2021

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Tax Policy Experts, Advocates Weigh in on Build Back Better Framework

Historic investments in families and the environment are supported by 3 in 5 Americans

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Today, experts and advocates from Tax March, the Center for American Progress, National Women’s Law Center Director, Innovation Ohio, and Americans for Tax Fairness discussed the historic investments in the Build Back Better framework that President Biden released yesterday morning. 

Polling shows that three in five Americans support the Build Back Better Act, regardless of its price tag. Speakers today applauded the president and Democrats in Congress for their efforts to strengthen and expand programs focused on everyday Americans and their families, and to make big corporations and the wealthy pay the taxes they owe. 

Key Quotes from the Press Call:

“The Build Back Better Framework would make historic investments in women, people of color, families, and communities. Because everyone benefits when women can care for themselves and their families and when children have what they need for their healthy development and growth. But how it raises the revenues to support these investments is as important as the investments themselves…By making sure that big corporations and the very rich pay a fair share in taxes, the Build Back Better plan would advance racial and gender equity in the tax code and invest in an economy that works for all of us.” — Amy Matsui, National Women’s Law Center Director of Income Security & Senior Counsel.

“I think that’s the bottom line, that the tax reforms are enabling major investments in children, in climate, in the future, and major progressive victories… This is some major, easily the most significant progressive tax reform of our lifetimes.” — Seth Hanlon, Center for American Progress Senior Fellow.

“President Biden’s plan will provide free universal preschool for all three and four year olds. It will get every child ready to learn and grow towards any career that they can dream of. It will brighten our children’s futures for generations to come and it will help kids of all backgrounds… I will not only send kids to preschool, it will also support families at home… The expanded child tax credit will help parents pay for healthy meals, school supplies, trips to the doctor—building strong and healthy American families. Nearly 90% of American families with young children will receive money directly in their bank accounts. That is an absolute lifesaver for hardworking parents and families struggling in today’s economy.” — Desiree Tims, Innovation Ohio President and CEO

“The Build Back Better package more than recovers the income that was given away four years ago in the Trump tax scam to the rich and big corporations, and it recovers that income from those same groups who benefited the most. In some ways, it’s arguably more progressive than just unwinding the Trump tax scam would be… And it does this while not raising taxes on anyone making under $400,000 a year. This is how you build an economy that works for everyone, and not just the wealthiest few.” — Sarah Christopherson, Legislative and Policy Director at Americans For Tax Fairness

For a recording of the press call, or to speak with a Tax March spokesperson, please email [email protected].


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