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There’s No Time to Waste: Congress Must Pass Build Back Better

October 01, 2021

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There’s No Time to Waste: Congress Must Pass Build Back Better

WASHINGTON, DC — Yesterday, the House of Representatives failed to pass the Build Back Better Act: a historic bill to invest in America’s working families, paid for by taxing big corporations and the rich. The broadly popular bill has been held up in rounds of negotiation, but the American people have shown over and over that this is legislation our communities want and need.

New polling from Tax March and ALG Research found that voters in seven Democratic battleground districts were less likely to support incumbents who oppose the Build Back Better Act. Polls earlier this week also found that two in three Americans say Build Back Better is an urgent need.

Tax March Board Member Maura Quint commented: 

“Congress spent a full summer working on an economic package to create jobs, invest in working families and finally make big corporations and the rich pay their fair share of taxes. The American people have been waiting for real change, and there is no time to waste.

“Big oil, big pharma, big tech and big banks have all lined up against the Build Back Better Act, but poll after poll proves that the American people clearly support it. The choice should be simple: tax the rich and invest in everyday Americans by passing the bill. Instead, too many in Congress are choosing the side of corporate elites while our families continue to face the ravages of the pandemic, along with the centuries of systemic injustice that have continued to make the rich richer while the rest of us suffer.

“The need could not be more urgent. Now is the time for Congress to pass the Build Back Better Act, tax the rich and invest in American families.”

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