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Update on this Weekend’s Events

While we had planned for this weekend to focus the nation on the Trump Tax, we now feel it is vital that we unite with the efforts of those who are rallying and marching to protest Trump’s attack on our democracy.

MoveOn has scheduled united protests to take place on 12pm on Saturday.

For those of you with events taking place during this time, we suggest that you merge your event into a MoveOn “Nobody Is Above The Law” Rapid Response event.

  1. Go to MoveOn and type in your zip code to see where your nearest NIATL event is taking place
  2. Send an email to the RSVPs I have previously sent you letting them know that the Tax March event will now be shifting to support the MoveON and include details of the MoveOn event. You can find a draft for your use at the bottom of this email. If you need your RSVP list re-sent to you, please let me know.
  3. Update your Facebook event pages with the new information
  4. Send me the details of the event so that we can update them on our site.

For those of you with events taking place on Sunday, we suggest that you continue to hold your event, but broaden the focus to the corruption of the administration and encourage individuals to continue the protests a second day. It is very important that we stand together in this effort and make it clear that we will not tolerate these actions.

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