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With Unemployment Still at 13.3 Percent, Senate Must Pass HEROES Act

FRIDAY, JUNE 6, 2020

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With Unemployment Still at 13.3 Percent, Senate Must Pass HEROES Act

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Today, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported an unemployment rate of 13.3 percent for May. 

This news comes on the heels of new polling that finds that 51 percent of Americans disapprove of Trump’s handling of the economy and 65 percent say we need additional economic relief to help people who have lost jobs and prevent the economy from falling into a deeper depression.

Tax March Executive Director Maura Quint released the following statement in response:

“With the unemployment rate still clocking in this high, our leaders need to do much more to help the American people. We are facing an unprecedented economic crisis and an unprecedented health crisis, yet the president and his cronies are focused on deploying the military to terrorize peaceful civilians instead of delivering aid to a nation falling apart.

It’s time for the Senate to pass the HEROES Act and send it to the president’s desk. It’s time for Donald Trump and Mitch McConnell to deliver relief like ongoing direct cash transfers and expanded unemployment insurance to the millions in desperate need right now.”

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