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ICYMI: Biden, Congressional Democrats Must Commit Four Trillion Dollars to COVID Relief—Not One Penny Less.

JANUARY 14, 2021

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ICYMI: Biden, Congressional Democrats Must Commit Four Trillion Dollars to COVID Relief—Not One Penny Less.

WASHINGTON, D.C. — With President-elect Biden set to deliver to the nation his vision for our recovery tonight, Tax March is reminding lawmakers that the next COVID package must commit at least $4 trillion to the America’s working people—not one penny less. Experts at the Groundwork Collaborative found in December that no less than $3-4.5 trillion will do enough to jumpstart the economy in the face of the pandemic. 

What’s more, the next relief package must guarantee $2,000 stimulus checks to the millions of Americans who have been left with pennies by Trump and McConnell since March 2020. Too many working Americans face unsafe conditions, thousands are dying daily from the coronavirus, and millions are still losing their jobs. More than 1.4 million Americans filed for unemployment assistance last week, as more businesses have shut down to control the ongoing wave of infections. The American people need a new round of $2,000 stimulus checks—anything less than $2,000 simply will not be enough to jumpstart our recovery. 

Biden and Congress must ambitiously leverage the power of trifecta control to end this pandemic. With Chuck Schumer replacing Mitch McConnell as Senate Majority Leader and President-elect Biden taking office next week, the American people have a simple demand: 

Commit at least $4 trillion in COVID relief to end the pandemic and jumpstart our economy—not one penny less.

Last week, Tax March called for the fundamental restructuring of our economy and bold investments in working families. We are encouraged to see Democratic congressional leaders committing to pay for much of the upcoming package by raising taxes on corporations and the rich—that’s a crucial step toward unrigging our economy. 

Tonight, the American people will look to President-elect Biden to answer this call to action. We need a $4 trillion relief package, at minimum, that includes a new round of $2,000 stimulus checks. 

Biden and the incoming Democratic congressional majority spent the last year promising to end this pandemic swiftly and help millions of struggling Americans get on their feet. So, as Tax March Executive Director Maura Quint noted last week: “We cannot wait. The time for action is now.” 

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