October 4, 2018The Trump “Tax March Chicken” Is Making A Comeback In D.C. — And This Time It’s At The Mall

The New York Times published an explosive investigative piece on President Donald Trump's wealth Tuesday, suggesting that POTUS is not the self-made billionaire he claims to be. Now, activist groups are reviving their demands that Trump release his tax returns. And they've decided to welcome back an old friend: the Tax March Chicken. Yes, the Trump "Tax March Chicken" made a comeback in D.C., this time at the National Mall.

September 10, 2018This chart shows the dramatic rise in corporate cash brought home since the tax cuts

Companies took major advantage of last year's tax cuts to bring home profits they had stored overseas. In the first quarter alone, multinational enterprises brought home about $300 billion of the $1 trillion held abroad, according to a recent Federal Reserve study. A good chunk of that repatriated money went to share repurchases — for the top 15 cash holders, some $55 billion was used on buybacks, more than double the $23 billion in the fourth quarter of 2017.

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