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Congress Must Pass Build Back Better Act, Make the Rich Pay Their Fair Share

October 28, 2021

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Congress Must Pass Build Back Better Act, Make the Rich Pay Their Fair Share

WASHINGTON, DC — Today, President Joe Biden announced the finalized framework for the Build Back Better Act, which would invest nearly $2 trillion in everyday Americans through the Child Tax Credit, Medicare and Medicaid expansion, transformative investments in care, and more. Just as important, it begins to add fairness to our nation’s tax code with a 15 percent minimum tax on the profits of America’s biggest corporations, a 1 percent surtax on corporate stock buybacks, along with a new surtax on the wealthiest 0.02 percent of Americans. Congress should pass it quickly and continue working to deliver a more equitable economy and tax code. Tax March has pushed hard on Congress to deliver through the Build Back Better package, and while this bill isn’t perfect, it will be a significant step forward for America.

Tax March Board Member Maura Quint commented:

“After months of debating and compromising, Democrats finally have a framework for the Build Back Better Act. This bill is a big step forward on the path toward tax fairness and economic justice, and Congress should pass it immediately.

“This bill is the down payment Americans need in this moment, but there is still progress to be made to rebalance the tax code and make the rich and big corporations pay the entirety of their fair share.”

Tax March has been among the most aggressive proponents of taxing the rich as Congress has negotiated Build Back Better. In April, we launched an ad campaign that called out FedEx and Nike’s failure to pay corporate taxes and urged Congress to change the tax code in order to make corporations pay their fair share. In July, we took aim at the billionaire space race with another ad campaign and Times Square action, using the opportunity to yet again call on Congress to tax the rich. In September, we organized a seven-figure, multi-state Week of Action targeting vulnerable Republicans for not supporting higher taxes on the rich, which included a six-figure ad buy in Wisconsin alone to call out Sen. Ron Johnson. Most recently, we commissioned polling conducted by ALG that highlighted the popularity of raising taxes on the wealthy and big corporations.

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